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Could it be for you?
When there are no easy options, some women and couples ask: Could adoption be right for me and my baby?

There is plenty of time to consider whether adoption is the right parenting choice for your child . . . what kind of family you want to place your child in . . . and how much ongoing contact you want with him or her?

You have the right to understand how adoption could affect you and to receive support, including counseling during and after your pregnancy.

We can help you consider the facts about adoption, as you decide if it may be a fit for your situation. We are not connected with any adoption agency and never profit from your decision.

Many women or couples can find the choice of adoption difficult; however, being able to understand the adoption process often gives women and couples peace of mind. The most common types of history available are:

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, the Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents share contact during the pregnancy and after the birth. There is not one level of openness that works for all adoptions so this can mean sharing photos, phone calls, texts and sometimes even visits.

Most experts and adoption professionals will agree that an open adoption is the healthiest for those involved but they also stress that the level of openness should always focus on meeting the needs of the child, not the Adoptive Parents or the Birth Parents.

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents will share non-identifying information and the communication between Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents will typically be handled by their adoption agency/professional.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, no information or contact is shared between the Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents.

In the past, almost all adoptions in the US were closed, but today, most adoptions will have some level of openness.

Post Adoption Contract Agreements

A Post Adoption Contact Agreement ( PACA ) is an agreement that allows for certain, specified contact between the Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents. Laws on PACAs will vary from state to state. Some states will enforce them so long as they serve the best interest of the child and other states will either prohibit or not enforce them.

Call us to learn more about your adoption options.
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