Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville and Henry County

Mission Statement

The Pregnancy Care Center exists to offer Christ-like love in a compassionate and responsive manner that values the family and empowers women and their partners to respect life.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Pregnancy Care Center?

The PCC is an extension of local churches in the community to provide alternatives to abortion to any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

The PCC is a grassroots ministry designed to assist a woman and significant others in her life in the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. We provide accurate information, emotional and material support to enable her to carry her baby to term.

The PCC is a pro-life organization supported by local churches, businesses and individuals.

What about your counselors? What qualifies them to counsel women in unplanned pregnancies?

Each volunteer takes a basic training seminar and then receives on-the-job training prior to counseling women. All our volunteers also receive ongoing in-service training.

The volunteers have a deep sense of compassion for women in an unplanned pregnancy.

The volunteers are here because they are pro-life and desire to provide positive alternatives to abortion. They care about both the woman and her baby.

Are you affiliated with any other organization?

We are affiliated with CareNet which is a nation-wide pro-life, Christian organization; and we are governed by a local board of directors.

We receive materials, training and education from CareNet. Our desire is to reach out to women and significant others experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are locally funded and supported by churches, individuals, and businesses within our community.

Do you refer for abortion?

No. We do not believe that abortion is best for the mother or her unborn child.

No. We have seen the devastating emotional effects of abortion; we could never assist a woman to harm herself or her baby.
Why was your organization started?

Our center began to extend compassion and practical assistance to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

To provide alternatives to abortion. We believe women have a right (choice) to carry a baby to term, and the PCC ensures they will have that opportunity.

It is not unusual to hear a woman who is considering aborting her baby say, “I’d love to have this baby but...” In other words, if she were really free to choose she would carry to term. We exist to make that choice possible.

Aren’t you really here to talk women out of abortion?

With facts in hand and compassion for the woman and her baby, we are here to let women know they need not consider abortion.

We don’t want a woman to feel pressured to have an abortion. We want her to know about life affirming options before choosing or considering an abortion.

Often a woman has received little or no information about her alternatives. Give information about prenatal development, abortion procedures, and possible risks, she may choose not to abort.

We cannot “talk a woman out of abortion.” We can only give her information on pregnancy alternatives, and encouragement and support to carry to term.

A woman freely comes to the Center and receives information; and freely leaves here. She makes her own decision.

Decisions made in ignorance are never good decisions. We provide information to enable her to make the best decision possible.

We do not profit from a women’s decision as individuals or as an organization.
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