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Love Matters

No matter how you try to disguise it, sex is all around us...
The average teen talks, sees, thinks and dreams sex about 90 percent of the time.  Sex has become the most discussed but least understood aspect of life.

Sex involves everything you are as a human being. It involves your whole personality, your mind, your emotions and your soul.  A person who can't control their sex drive usually can't control any other area of their life.

Let's Talk About Passion. . .

It's hard to flip the switch and keep the lights from coming on.  But millions of teens just like you are flipping the switch called "passion" every day.  Under the influence of passion, the desires of the human body become so strong that they literally overpower your mind and disarm your sense of reasoning. 

That's when many young people make the mistakes they will later regret. When the windows in the car steam up, it usually spells trouble.
There's no other emotion that causes more heartache than PASSION. It is usually the reason why some people marry the wrong person and live the rest of their lives wishing they hadn't.   It can cause unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/Aids), abortion and much, much more.

If you're not married, controlling passion may be the most important lesson you learn to insure a happy life.  By controlling your passion, you allow your mind to help make your decisions. After all, the mind is much better equipped for the job.  The mind considers so many factors - including the past and future - in order to make the best decision.  The body only considers its immediate pleasure.  The answer to the problem of passion is not the Pill and condoms.  Just take charge of your life!  Don't be used anymore.

"If you love me, you'll let me" . . .

Have you ever heard, "Hey, babe, if you love me, you'll let me!"?  And have you ever felt, "Oh, wow, if I don't, I might lose him."  Actually, what you are both suffering from is a sexual communication gap.

Someone once asked a group of college guys, "How many of you are virgins?" The reply was, "You don't think we'd admit it, do you?"  But when asked, "How many want to marry a virgin?" most of the hands went up.  Don't fall for the double standard. It's okay for guys to be virgins, too.

So there you have it, girls.  Nobody wants to marry someone who has been the loving, meaningful relationship of 17 other guys.  If sexual experience was necessary for love to grow between two people, everyone would want to marry a prostitute.  The big question here is: "What's your motive?" You will feel good about yourself if you develop inner strength.  Real love demands 100 percent commitment.

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